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Brad Cost, CEO & Entrepreneur

Mr. Brad Cost is a multi-faceted Entrepreneur and highly knowledgeable within several industries and has an impressive work history proving his success within these industry. Brad's current focus is in the development of cutting edge electronic data technology as it relates to the statistical analysis of medical and health data. Prior to his role at Infinedi, Mr. Cost was the senior systems engineer at Oklahoma State University, his alma mater.

Brad's  Story

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Brad was born and raised in the small rural community  of Altus, Oklahoma. Growing up as a typically small town boys , Brad was always involved in the town, church, school  activities and his neighbors. As an adult, he attended Oklahoma State University, earning  a B.S. in Horticulture Landscape Architecture and post graduate in pre-med mechanical engineer.  Brad went on to serve at OSU as a Sr. Research Assistant and then after 18  years he left OSU to advance his entrepreneurial spirit with his current business partners.                                                     


Some of Brad's business ventures includes:


Infinedi, LLC, where he  has acted as the president/chief executive officer since 1999. Infinedi, LLC is a national claims clearinghouse located in Tulsa, Oklahoma that serves over 17,000 providers in 50 states and processes over 5 million transactions each month. Infinedi’s analytical company provides utilization management tools and analysis for the chiropractic industry and is the primary data partner for many other state and national associations.

Brad has served as an advisor to the American Medical Association, California Medical Association and several chiropractic state associations. Concentrated in physician advocacy, Cost advises on past, current and future electronic data interchange issues. He also served as a consultant and expert witness to a medical class action lawsuit firm in New York City, as well as the Physician’s Advocacy Institute


QVH Systems, a healthcare venture that is developing technology and software for the healthcare industry. It has developed technology for Accountable Care Organizations, Merit Based Incentive payments systems and a tool to assist healthcare provider navigate Medicare’s MIPS program. Its latest tool, SnapHX is a single tool that combines all patient, physician, payer and hospital data into a single platform that give physicians, patients and administrators analyzed  views in a quick organized method.

Cost Investments, LLC, a commercial real estate and financial investment company located in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Brad is also an artist, professional speaker, Chef and Food blogger.

Brad's is giving back by serving on:

The Board of Governors at Oklahoma State University

The Board of Advisors for the College of Business in the Data Analytics Program.

Chiropractic Strategic Plan’s Chiro consortium  as a Co-Chair with Dr. Jay Greenstein.


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

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