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Mentoring the Hidden Potential


Dr. Fabrizio Mancini is a renowned health and lifestyle expert with over 30 years of experience as a wholistic health provider, author, and speaker. He has inspired audiences worldwide through his media appearances on shows like "Dr. Phil," “CNN News” and "FOX News," as well as “Univision”, “Telemundo” and “Televisa.” Dr. Fab’s passion for health and personal development has inspired and empowered millions worldwide to unlock their full potential. He also mentors over 100 CEOs and serves as a global consultant to companies that are making a positive impact on the world.

In this of TechTalk Podcast, Brad Cost, Dr. Jay Greenstein, and Dr. Fab Mancini sit down to discuss:


  • Dr. Fab five books, specifically the one about entrepreneurship and business.

  • Dr. Fab's contribution to a Nature nature about LongCOVID and its affects.

  • Mentoring the hidden potential & living the Fab life.


2:39 - First book about entrepreneurship and business. To me, health has always been a priority. If people take care of their health, especially through chiropractic care and everything that we promote in wellness, their business is an extension of that. Then I realized, a lot of people were never trained on how to run a successful business. I've been very blessed from having my practice, running Parker and Parker seminars, having three companies of my own, and being the mentor to over a hundred CEOs, I have learned so much about what works in business today and what doesn't, and I put it into this book that hopefully will be out in the next couple of months.

4:07 - Common mistakes chiropractors make. Build your practice to sell. Most of us put our name on our business, pick locations that are more about what we like instead of where the public and demand is, and hire people to do the things we don't want to learn instead of hiring people we can train on how to do the job better and so on. Understand your business model. Your passion should drive your business, then find a model that supports your lifestyle. I personally know chiropractors that are extremely happy making $200,000 a year, but I also know people that are making $10 million a year that are very happy too. The difference? The lifestyle you want to have. How much time do you want to put into your business, your family, your work, your church, your temple, or whatever it is?

7:28 - Value-based model. I have seen so many things happen in our profession, but there's something new coming up that I'm in the middle of revealing. Not a fee per service, but a value-based chiropractic model. Imagine you get paid upfront. We'll give you 500 new patients, and you don't have to do anything. We'll pay you to take care of those new patients for the year and, if you can keep them away from the hospital, we're going to profit share on the money we saved. That model exists today and I'm about to reveal it to a lot more people because, for the first time, we have payers that are willing to spend money in what we were trained to do.

10:47 - Pareto’s Law. Cost is really driving a lot of decisions. Consumers are looking for where they can get the most value for their money. As long as you can respect and understand where they're coming from, it's a matter of understanding the best offer. I always think of Pareto's law. Pareto was an Italian scientist that came up with the 80-20 rule we teach in business:  20% of our services can yield 80% of our results. The question is, what are those 20% for you? That's where you start navigating through your business models and recognizing the effectiveness rather than the busy-ness. Everybody says how busy they are, but how many of us are really being effective in what we do?

16:51 – Nature author about chiropractic and long COVID.  MissionCOVID is an organization that has the top researchers in the world studying over a million papers about long COVID. They mapped the mechanism of what happened when the virus entered the body and how it impacted the metabolic system. The reason you're seeing so much musculoskeletal pain, obesity, cognitive decline is because of exposure to the virus. With long COVID, even though the virus is only in you for an average of 28 days, after it leaves the body, the body has been reprogrammed. Long COVID is the after effect of the exposure, but some of those symptoms are worse than the ones when you had the virus. Infertility, cognitive decline, you name it… the numbers are staggering. How in the world did they ask me to be a part of that? We have so many great researchers in chiropractor! Well, the Chairman of this committee is a big fan of me and chiropractic and wanted someone like me to give the input. The researchers could include the chiropractic care as an essential solution to the long COVID as it becomes more aware. That's what you're going to read in the longest article that Nature has ever published with some of the biggest names in research. My intention is to bring this message to the world and showcase chiropractic in a way that has never been done with a scientific basis that this article actually proves.

19:51 - Vaccine vs. long COVID? The researchers chose not to include the vaccine information at this time, primarily because they wanted the article to stand its own two feet with the virus itself. The good news is, just last week, the WHO released the first multinational paper on the adverse effects of the vaccine. All of those papers are being evaluated to also complement the reprogram that happened with the virus and how the vaccine completely changed our bodies.

21:20 - Change for Chiropractic. The Chairman of MissionCOVID and I have already been in communication. I have identified over 98 PhD DCs we have in our chiropractic profession, and he would like to conduct a collective study among the greatest scientists in our space to showcase the data. He wants everybody to be a part of that because he says the scientific world, unfortunately, still looks at chiropractic as a lesser than component. He wants to change that. In fact, he believes chiropractors, acupuncturists, naturopaths, and herbaric medicine will be the solution for this issue of long COVID that over 500 million people have been diagnosed with.

28:43 The Fab Life. After an impactful Los Angeles lunch with one of my dear friends, Brandon, who encouraged me to start a mastermind, I came back home and started coming up with ideas of what I have mastered that a lot of people ask me to help them with. I put it out there for a few friends. Five people signed up. Then 15. I never told a soul I was doing this. This has been eight years now. We started with chiropractors. Then, we moved into consultants to chiropractors that are extremely successful. It started being CEOs of healthcare companies that wanted to meet the doctors, but also wanted to learn how to position their technologies and services to the doctors. Then it started being capital investment companies that are looking to invest in healthcare companies. We get together two or three times on the phone or by Zoom every month and we have three in-person meetings a year on East Coast, Central and West Coast time zones. For the last eight years, we'll be doing that.

30:45 – Gift to the Chiropractic Profession. I bring in some of the best speakers in the world. You name it. All the people that I've worked with over the years have been on my show. We have one in May on the 16th, 17th and 18th in Dallas, Texas. One of my speakers is going to be Les Brown, who is considered the #1 speaker in the world. When we were in Atlanta, Les came to me and said he wanted to give the chiropractic profession a gift. He's been my patient. He has been taken care of by chiropractic all his life. It's just crazy what a supporter he is. He wants to put together a program that allows chiropractors to find their voice, so they never feel second to any other provider out there. That's a great gift that all our professionals, especially our young graduates, need to feel certain that when they say chiropractic may help you, they mean it. We're going to be filming live in the hotel, so we’ll offer it online and follow it up with weekly calls with Les and me. We’ll be answering any questions they have and showing them how they can put this into their practice and themselves. It's going to be a wonderful gift for their profession.

33:13 - Mentoring the Hidden Potential. In my life, I would have never achieved my level of success if it hadn't been for a mentor that saw in me what I couldn't see in myself at the time. That's what a real mentor does to you. A real mentor sees the potential in you that your reality does not show. Dr. Parker saw that I was going to be president of Parker since I was a student in Tri 1, and I would have laughed at him. I would have said, maybe when I'm 60, but I don't think I'll ever do that. There I was, a few years later in that position because he saw something I couldn't see. He planted that seed in my head and that's what I believe all of us can benefit from. I continue to have mentors in my life that help my professional and personal life because I want to be the best I can be every day. That's how we reach our potential. That's what we offer all our mentees.

41:21 – One Simple Step! For those of you that are listening, I would tell you that we can sit here all day long trying to inspire and share with you the excitement that we feel in our profession. Look at the interviews that they've had over the years! But, none of it is worth it unless YOU take an action step. Make sure that you do something with that information. Make a change in your life for the better of your patients, of the profession, of yourself. Because when you do that, you’re truly moving in a better path towards the future. All it takes is one simple step based on new information that would allow you to make tomorrow a little better than today. That's all we can hope with everything that we do.





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