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Dr. Heather Wilde is Ivy League educated, an accomplished diagnostician and an expert functional medicine practitioner. She is an Elite Results Coach and Master Practitioner of NLP and Hypnosis. Dr. Wilde's mission is to optimize the health of entrepreneurs and executives with functional medicine and coaching, so they are able to bring their business visions to fruition with vitality and clarity.


In this of TechTalk Podcast, Brad Cost, Dr. Jay Greenstein, and Dr. Heather Wilde sit down to discuss:


  • The story of Dr. Heather Wilde and why she became a naturopathic doctor.

  • The education, purpose and impact of naturopaths.

  • Dr. Heather Wilde’s naturopathic course.



2:14 - Being a holistic healthcare provider. "25 years ago, I almost lost my leg in a car accident my second semester senior year in college. I had this massive trauma that happened where they didn't know if I was going to keep my leg. I was 21 years old when it happened and I was very blessed to have a great surgeon who saved my life and my leg, but then they never expected me to get better. They told me that maybe I’d walk again, but I’d never downhill ski, backpack, or hike again. I thought they were wrong, and I started on a pathway to find how I could have my use back. I healed it three times faster because of my mindset. I was visualizing my bones growing together. I super dosed with calcium and vitamin D to help my bone growth. I did acupuncture, chiropractic, reiki, craniosacral therapy, and yoga. In that process, I recognized that there are so many other things that could be done for health. I was on a beach in Greece a year later, eating a fruit plate, and I thought, this is what fruit tasted like in my country when I was young. It just doesn't anymore, yet we feed this to our children and the people in our hospitals and expect for them to thrive and be better. It was like I got hit by a bolt of lightning. I really didn't want to go to conventional medical school. I went full into holistic medicine, and I found my degree as a naturopathic medical doctor. It's a degree in-between a PA and MD/DO as far as scope of practice. I can do minor surgeries and prescribe medications, but usually you're trained to treat the cause and optimize health. That's how I got here!"


6:51 - Schooling for naturopaths. "We have schools like the chiropractic profession does, but we’re a much smaller portion of society. At this point, I think there's one in Chicago. There's one in Arizona - that's where I went. There's one in San Diego, which is a like arm of the Seattle school. There's also National University and two in Canada. There's not very many at all. We're very small profession."


7:41 - Complimentary to all forms of healthcare. "It's the best of integrative. There's this massive spectrum between when you first start to not feel so great and when you absolutely need a surgical intervention or medication to survive. It's massive. It's like decades long, right? We're born into the most magnificent machine in the known universe, and we don't have a user's manual. I help people find their user's manual! My website was created for middle America because I can throw a rock and hit a functional medicine practitioner here on the west coast. East coast isn't quite as good, but close. We're not licensed, so anybody can say that they're a naturopath. We don't have recognition by Medicare, so we are cash-based. Yet, I set up my practice and website so that people can order things and get consults and coaching so that they can take control of their health and have other options."


12:01 - Naturopathic education. "My undergraduate degree was in neurobiology from Cornell University, so I was slotted to go into regular medicine. Instead, I chose to do a four-year graduate program with a doctorate in alternative medicine. It's not a certificate or a “sign up online” program. Two years into the process, I took basic board exams, just like a general practitioner would at medical school. We did biochemistry, pathology, anatomy, physiology, and microbiology. You have to pass those board exams to go into your clinical rotations. In the next two years of education, we learned pharmacology, lab diagnosis, imaging, all kinds of like diagnostics along with dermatology, psychology, embryology, and more. On top of that, we had botanical medicine, nutrition, manipulation medicine, acupuncture, mind body, counseling, injection therapies, IV therapies and advanced nutrition. There are a lot of different pathways you go down. Then, we're licensed by state. In the west coast, every state licensure except Nevada and I’m not sure about New Mexico. I think Oklahoma is, and it might be the only one in the middle because I know Cancer Treatment Centers of America used to have something there, and naturopaths worked there. On the east coast, we've got DC, Maryland, Connecticut, Vermont, and Maine. That might be it. Illinois might have a little bit of a license. There's not a whole lot of licensures, but we do have to do continuing education every year. It's a really widespread education, where we are held to licensing boards, we have to do our education every year and you have to pass board exams in order to get licensed."


15:14 - Getting patients. "My whole practice is all word of mouth at this point. I started a practice here in Sacramento where I lived with my ex-husband. When we split, I decided to go do my own thing. I moved into tele-wellness in 2018 when I built my website so that I could access more people. Most of my practice now is optimizing entrepreneurs and successful professionals so that they have the energy, vitality, clarity, and vision to bring what they want to create in this world to fruition. Now as I'm getting up on age, I'm getting into anti-aging medicine. I do a lot of hormone replacement and consulting all over. I also do aesthetic procedures like natural aesthetic procedures with PRP, stem cells and micro needling. I just did PDO thread face lift this morning. I like to do a lot of different stuff, but my passion is environmental medicine."


16:34 – Working with other naturopaths. "My brother's a naturopath as well. I fly down, I work with him in Orange County, and then I fly back up here. I'm licensed in Montana, Arizona, California, and my licensure in DC is in process. I travel quite a bit and get to do a lot of stuff."


18:05 – Why the course? "I've been in practice almost 20 years, but I've been working in environmental medicine for 20 years. In that two-decade period, I saw everything get so much more complicated. People much younger than me are so sick. But why? You're 25 years old and your thyroid's in the toilet, you can't get out of bed, you've got crazy acne and now you've got infertility. I started really getting into the main drivers of this and the most effective way to do it. I took all 20 years of my experience and distilled it into a course, so that people can go through the course themselves to educate and empower themselves and the body they’re housed in. You can't put a house together without nails, and this is me supplying those nails for your body to be able to remove this toxicity safely and effectively."


27:42 – Heather’s course & it’s impact. "I like health to be ‘a choose your own adventure,’ so I just give people the tools. The course takes, if you do it back-to-back, about ten weeks with a ramp-up period. The detox proper, where you're changing what you're eating and doing the supplementation, is four weeks with a reintroduction period of support. There are calls, videos and reading. It's a pretty good chunk of time for people to dedicate to learning what their body's doing. That's the user manual, right? It's the gold standard. You can do all the testing in the world you want, but if you pay attention to how you feel, that's the gold. They can find the course at my website, I want to get this to as many people as possible because it's so effective. I've seen it work a thousand times, including myself! I was on Vicodin and Valium for years because my pain was so bad. I hit a point where I just couldn’t do it anymore. Turns out, it was all food sensitivities, so now I don't eat the things I'm sensitive to, I go see my chiropractor regularly, and I'm not in pain. I could have been fibromyalgic on all these different meds. There's such an opportunity for people to heal if you just give the body what it needs. We can set up affiliate links for chiropractors to just plug and play. Email me at to connect about how to move forward with that. For people to be happy and healthy, there has to be education and empowering accountability, and chiropractors are the perfect people to support this educational process. I'm really passionate about it. You're born into this body and it's magnificent, but so many of us grew up hating it, judging it, or just feeling terrible. I really wanted to be a doctor when I saw that. If you can shift one person into feeling just a little bit better, healthier, and more hopeful, you shift an entire universe of existence."


31:23 - Who is naturopathic healthcare for? "Everybody who's not currently pregnant or breastfeeding. When you're done being pregnant and breastfeeding, if you live on planet earth, you need this. I would say 99.999%. If you're macro-biotically growing your own food on a ranch somewhere in Idaho and they're not spraying you, you're sleeping, you're totally dialed in and you're almost levitating with your ascension process, you don't need it. Everybody else on the planet would benefit because we are being inundated by chemical toxicity. It's neurologically, biochemically, and metabolically damaging. It causes cancer. We have these functional medicine books that come out, like the one I'm reading called Outlive, and it’s becoming mainstream. There's this underlying thing about what's really driving it, and so much of it is toxicity!"






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